Record Pool: HASH-TAG #recordpool on music related posts for random UP-SHARES & REWARDS | Read Instructions In Post

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In continuous focus to empower the music community and encourage great music content, we are now randomly dropping #recordpool love on good shared and curated music related posts.

Simply Use the first hashtag #recordpool on good music related posts for a chance of random up-shares & rewards


What Is a Record Pool?
Our unique approach to music curation is taking the traditional model of a “Record Pool” and putting it on the Blockchain.

In a previous incarnation (Founded Dec. 2017) Record Pool was open to curating any artist on any platform, but we have refined our Whaleshares Record Pool to focus primarily on Blockchain musicians through the current platforms that exist such as DSound, Musicoin, Choon, DTube, BitTube and so on.

Why only focus on Blockchain Artists?
We feel that it’s important to reward artists who are using Blockchain technology and help them earn more from their music. There are some amazing talents out there and not only will Record Pool help shed light on them, it will also encourage more artists to adopt Blockchain platforms to become supported by the community and by Whaleshares Record Pool.

Why is your support so important?
Communities power everything. With the advent of these new Blockchain platforms, we found another way to help music communities and their fans with the creation of Record Pool. It’s with the support of this kind of curation that we can really make a difference in the lives of artists around the world and at the same time reward the fans and community as the ones doing the curation through the posts they create and tag #recordpool

The Contest, Rewards & Rules

Every week we will be rewarding 10x exemplary posts that are well-thought-out, curated and edifying to the community with 100% UPSHARE, equivalent to 120 WLS that will be offered by @djlethalskillz.

That’s right! You can be rewarded for simply sharing music from the blockchain you enjoy.

You must meet the following requirements to qualify:

1: Create a new post
2: The title of your post must include “Record Pool” (For example, “Record Pool | Artist – Song Title“)
3: Tell us what you like about the Song or Artist you chose
4: Embed or Paste the Audio or Video Link
5: Include first hashtag #recordpool
6: Add artwork (Optional)
7: Song chosen must be from Blockchain platform such as DSound, Musicoin, Choon, DTube, BitTube and so on

Criteria to win is based on the overall post quality, be creative!
One entry per participant
Cite the sources of your research and images
Support this contest up-share this post


Let’s Curate Great Blockchain Music!

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