RAP CRYPTO (Assassins Remix)

Rap Crypto.png

Song: Rap Crypto (Assassins Remix)
MC Vandal
DJ Lethal Skillz Remix (2018)
Genre : Hip Hop, Rap, Blockchain, Crypto, Remix

Rap Crypto not your average Hip Hop song, this song marks the first generation of real Hip Hoppers who truly believe in the blockchain technology and the change that it’s bringing and shaping the future of humanity moving forward. This track is about bridging the cultures of Hip Hop, The Blockchain and Crypto worlds and an invitation to our fellow humans to join this Epic Revolution.

Original Rap Crypto song was released back in 2017 around the time when we were witnessing the rise of cryptocurrency the digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange where cryptography is used to secure transactions.

It has been this Blockchain revolution that’s inspired hip-hop heads veteran Jason Schadt a.k.a. Vandigital and DJ Lethal Skillz to bridge the gap between the Hip-Hop culture and Blockchain world and start creating Hip-Hop Blockchain music.

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