Musicoin TV: ‘MC PLAYS’ The Live Music & Crypto Stream Show w/ Guest DJ Lethal Skillz

Last month I had the honor to be featured on the “Musicoin TV” Season 2 Premiere weekly live stream Music and Crypto Show called “MC PLAYS“, a show hosted by great talented musicians and passionate Blockchainers like many of us.

We got to talk about lots of cool topics, updates on Musicoin and current issues in the Music Industry, The Blockchain world, and its opportunities also got to share a bit of my personal journey on the Blockchain as a musician and featured some of our recent official music and video.

MC Plays | Season 2 Premiere

Source Musicoin TV Youtube Channel

What is ‘MC Plays’ ?

A weekly live YouTube broadcast roundtable hosted on Musicoin TV (YouTube) by four North American and British Musicoin artists who regularly convene online to discuss their love of music and cryptocurrency.

The dynamic hosts are Rashawn Pup Asberry, Controlled Weirdness, Khaiim RapOet & Daniel Lawton


More Information about Musicoin and how You can start your musical journey as a musician on the Blockchain check out my recent article featured on The Creative Crypto the Steem powered magazine dedicated to all things creative on the blockchain developed by the @Sndbox Incubator.

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