Musicoin Asia: Blockchain Technology & Decentralized Music Platforms

Planting the first seeds of Blockchain Technology & Decentralized Music Platforms

In this Post I am testing my first post through the #SteemPress Plugin and Video I will be sharing about the Musicoin activities that took place during my trip in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Awefe Watan
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Musicoin is a digital currency that designed to support the creation, publication, and consumption of music as a cycle. The system uses a special algorithm to generate a currency called Musicoin (MC), as well as another algorithm to support automated contracts (“smart contracts”) which enable creators and consumers to exchange value in a frictionless environment. With a unique currency and a solid contract system, large scale transactions around music becomes possible. Universal Basic Income (UBI) has made it possible for listeners to listen for free and musicians to upload and share their music for free as its paid by Musicoin (MC) miners. Each play for your music is rewarded with one Musicoin, this can be exchanged for fiat money.

Musicoin Middle East: Planting the first seeds of Blockchain Technology & Decentralized Music Platforms

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We had various Musicoin activities taking place in Beirut, varying from community workshops to musicians meet ups and parties, events were hosted at a great local community venue / platform for local indie musicians in Lebanon called **Radio Beirut**.

Event Link:

The Musicoin meetups and activities I have done for the first time during my trip to the Middle East were one of the hardest for me as most people and general audience in Lebanon and Middle East are way left out when it comes to Blockchain, crypto and the rest due to the unstable political situation, wars, social issues and bad internet infrastructures.

Definitely this trips has taught me a lot given I was encountered with new and different situations then the where I’m currently based at in South East Asia.

With that said we did the first seeding of Blockchain, Steemit, Musicoin in the community and we got the first batch of Musicoiners interested and signed up on the platform.

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