‘Iqa3 Mukhtalef’: Exclusive Music Album On The Blockchain

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‘Iqa3 Mukhtalef’ Album a collaborative Instrumental Hip Hop Album that consists of 10 tracks of varying in style from new school to old school and soulful Hip Hop between two Middle Eastern legendary producers from Beirut, Lebanon DJ Lethal Skillz & Beatlalipos.

The Album titled “A Different Rhythm” or “Iqa3 MukhTalef” in Arabic was released exclusively on Musicoin in the efforts to support and promote the new revolutionary Blockchain platform for musicians called Musicoin.org and Introduce our fellow musicians to this amazing platform that eliminates the middleman (Current Industry) that barely pays back the artist and make you earn instant rewards and tips from your listeners on your music.

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Album Tracklist

1- Passing Time – Wa2et 3am Yemro2
2- Cloud 961 – Klawd 961
3- Hang Over – Te2len Raseh
4- Reflektionz – Khawatir
5- Under Pressure – Ta7et el Daghet
6- Holding On – Mousebara
7- The Battle – 2al Ma3raka
8- Cyberwaves – Mawjet Fada2iyeh
9- You Don’t Own Me – Ma Btemlekneh
10- The Journey – Mechwar

Hope you enjoy the music and Big Thank you for your support in advance! Kudos

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