BitTube – Monetize, Earn & Ad Free (New Decentralized Video Sharing Platform)

I bumped into this new cool decentralized platform yesterday where creators and viewers can benefit simultaneously without losing their right to speech.


BitTube a new decentralized media platform that allows users to monetize their content and freedom of speech, it uses BitTube (TUBE) cryptocurrency.


No censorship
Using IPFS protocol to store data means (IPFS network) and Creators get the right to speech

Monetize & Earn Crypto
Monetize content and earn BitTube coin in return when viewers see your videos

Fair Reward System
Creators get the same rate of reward irrespective of which part of the world their video content is being viewed from, unlike YouTube ads revenue system

Finally, we can watch tube videos without these annoying ads and pop-ups

Import from Youtube
I love most the great functionality of importing all your videos from Youtube to Bittube in 1 click

Mine while you Watch
Viewers will get the share of mined revenue as their computing power will be used in mining the BitTube

Unlimited Video Hosting Space

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