Bittube 101: Here’s how to Embed a Bittube video in your Steemit Post


Salute Steemit!

I finally found a way to embed our Bittube video on my posts in Steemit

To make it work you need to copy the exact code below and replace it with your Bittube video and image links and the text


Here’s an example of how the Bittube embed will look like using this code with the Bittube link and image I used:


Final Code I used looks like this:


Note: The same code can be used to embed any Video or Audio links from most websites

P.S: I wasn’t able to paste the code in text so I add it as an image, as it was executing it in the Preview section, If you know how to paste a code without it being executed (For visual reference only) please do let me know. Hope this was helpful! kudos

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